25 11 2018

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Fitbit Versa Bundle

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I bought my Versa when my husband and I were beginning a new fitness program. I love it! It really helps keep you aware of your activity. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that after a month I dropped it into my bathroom sink while putting it on and it completely died. But... I called the company and they were so helpful and sent me a new device. I am sooo happy with my purchase. Just don’t drop it in the sink.

It does not sync well. I have to keep calling Fitbit. It does track sleep in a very useful way but since it is not syncing, I can’t see it. I have called Fitbit and they have been helpful but I have had to uninstall several times. Very frustrating. Watch itself is big and clunky but I can use it swimming and it does a good job of tracking swims. Does not register for stationary bike in gym. Have not talked to Fitbit about that.

It kept dropping connection called fitbit they sent me a new one and none of them worked i have a galaxy 9+ and they said that shouldnt be the issue but after trying 2 of them im over it .