25 11 2018

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Canon EOS SL2 DSLR Camera 3 Lens Bundle

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I bought this camera online black Friday Nov 2017. This is a fantastic purchase and I feel the unit offers a lot more features than most entry level cameras. First Canon has a extremely large offering of lens available for this camera. But what most people do not realize is that Canon offers free customer service for life without proof of purchase. I have a lot of cameras from 35mm to 2 1/4 mm film to point and shoot digital. My other canon 35mm digital is 12 years old has traveled various parts of the world and works perfectly. What is amazing about this camera is the size and weight. When you are on a trip this can become very important. The size of the touch screen MONITOR is wonderful. The fact that it is moveable becomes extremely helpful when shooting video. Wow, now I don't have to carry my small video camera. The canon lenses that come in the kit are great and the standard 55mm works well in low light. I try to slow down when I shoot pictures and shoot multiple angles of the same picture because both the lighting and shade can drastically change the pictures. When shooting video, when possible I try to use a tripod because the movies won't make you or your audience noxious with too fast or jerky pan and tilts. Regarding the included camera bag that it is too small. Yes this is true if you want to carry everything at the same time; however, that became obvious to me when looking at the camera pictures on Costco's website and in the warehouse when looking at the other Canon bundles. At the time that I ordered this camera the Costco, I shop at had a camera backpack on sale which holds this complete bundle, my 15 inch laptop, a external micro phone (in its original box) 3 different lens hoods and room for more things like a small jacket. On a side note, whenever I buy a new camera and lens I always buy quality UV filters which I install before I use the camera or lenses. It is a great way to protect your lenses from dust, dirt, or scratches.

I bought this camera and a few weeks later bought the 80D. This SL2 was able to do everything the 80D did except for the 45 Auto-Focus Points and the top display. SL2 is much lighter however it is not weather proof which probably means it can't take rough handling. This lens package has 18-55mm and a 75-300mm which didn't make a big difference compared to Costco's 80D lenses at 18-55mm and 55-250mm in photos. Overall this is a great value, coming in at $500 cheaper than the 80D. For someone that is not a professional photographer this is a great camera.